Sunday, December 30, 2018

Episode 149 - Magic in My Loins

Duty Commenced Episode 26 is archived, pre-orders for The Primals Zepp Tour 2018 - Trial By Shadow are open, new Optional Items & Winter Discount, The Feast Season Eleven is ending soon, Fan Kit updated, Heavensturn begins, Patch 4.5 Special Site updates, Letter from the Producer LIVE Part 48, Japanese media interviews with Yoshida, and fan mail. Yelta and Rubicon host.

Letter from the Producer Live Part XLVIII Summary

JP media interviews with Yoshida

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Episode 148 - Target, Bind, and Burst

Patch 4.5 Special Site is live, Duty Commenced Episode 26 is December 19th, Starlight Scenarios Comic Contest announced, a Patch 4.4 and 4.5 artwork discovery, the Feast Regional Championship Reddit AMA, Gamer Escape's Fan Fest 2018 Interview with Koji Fox, Developer’s Blog, and fan mail. Yelta and Rubicon host.

Feast Regional Championship AMA - Synergy SiXX(FRC Champions), Frosty & +ONE(FRC Shoutcasters)

Gamer Escape: Fan Fest 2018 Interview with Koji Fox

Rubi is a good boy!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Episode 147 - Santa Klauss is Coming to Town

Klauss Nightbringer of Phoenix Down Radio joins us! LIVE Letter 48 is Friday December 21st, recommencement of automatic demolition on JP servers, Starlight Celebration returns on December 17th, new Optional Items, Developer's Blog, we talk Blue Mage, and we bring Klauss inside the cactuar's studio with our new guest questionnaire. Yelta and Rubicon host. Klauss guest host.

Phoenix Down Radio

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Episode 146 - Strong Rum

LIVE Letter Part 47 Digest released, announcing winners of the Fan Festival 2018 in Las Vegas Costume and Art Contests, announcing The Wolves’ Den Episode 8, Developer’s Blog, a new Dengenki interview with Yoshida in Japanese, and a reminder about our #MyStarlightWish contest which ends December 24th. Yelta and Rubicon host.