Friday, January 15, 2016

Episode 39 - Weird Scenes Inside the Salt Mine

4Gamer interview with Yoshida, news of the loss of Sian Blake, Heavensward OST announced, Grekumah leaves the NA community team, discussion on a Reddit post, and developer tracking. Yelta and Rubicon host.


  1. I am very glad Square Enix has responded to player request for features like a "not parser" in the timely matter I expect from a VA hospital. Dunno about you guys but gardening and leveling crafters is all I am really doing now. Hopefully things will pick up in 3.2 and I can do some story and get a new bow for my hippo while hurriedly cramming marbles down it's gullet.

    From the ghetto server wasteland known as Famfrit


  2. I laugh every time I read this...