Friday, February 19, 2016

Episode 44 - Minfilia is a Linkpearl

LIVE Letter 27 digest released, more Patch 3.2 previews, Patch 3.2 trailer, and developer's blog and tracker. Yelta and Rubicon host.


  1. Hi Guys.

    Just got a chance to listen to the podcast, another great one. Since the patch hit yesterday I'm sure you've all dived in.

    How are you all enjoying the main story additions?
    Me and a few of the people from my free company decided to run The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard) Last night. As I was healing, it felt like things had quite a lot more health in these. I'm grateful that it was everyone's first time. That has been the first time in a while I have actually enjoyed running a dungeon.

    We are finally getting our free company off the ground however still have troubles with people getting bored and ending their subscription.

    Hope everyone is having a great february.

    Tuan Tao - Zalera

    1. Hey Tuan Tao!

      We certainly have dug in and I for one have enjoyed all the new story. All of it, main scenario, new primal, Midas, it all seemed much better than 3.1.

      We recorded yesterday so the new EP where we cover all our opinions of 3.2 should be up sometime this week.

      Have any of the FC come back for the patch? We got several back, at least for now.

      Thank you for listening!


    2. A few of ours have come back, But we are only looking at having 4 possibly 5. We had just been getting started when some felt the burnout. Now debating whether its time to start looking for another home.

      Looking forward to hearing the show this week.