Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Episode 46 - The Emo White Mage

Little Ladies' Day, Heavensward Music Contest, The Feast preview, new optional items, Gather Together Playtime Contest, developer's blog, and fan comments. Yelta and Rubicon host.


  1. Shenanigans! I am about 29 minutes in and 2 points: 1) Yelta, what do you mean you have no musical talent? Your Pa-paya rendition was on point! Just go do the music competition; you know this is going to be another contest where there will be so few entrants, everyone will get a prize. Aren't you still missing the scarf of wondrous wit? 2) I don't remember what you said verbatim, but mark episode 46 as the time Rubi disparaged the look of the Shiva gear... just like the "Barbie dress-up" you are turning to as a solution at this point, we all know what you will be wearing when you finally get to ilevel 230 with a complete gear set.... Ok, I'm just giving you a hard time as an excuse to finally interact with you both. It's a great podcast and I really appreciate the work you put into it! Keep up the good work and I'll keep listening. Now back to the rest of the episode and maybe something to get Pa-paya out of my head. Take care!

    1. Banned. Now go enter the contest! (THANK YOU for listening and your comment. And I'm sure I'll see Periwinkle Shine again...)

  2. Yelta, I hear your pain on unlocking those folklore with 99 blue scripts! I only have 1 unlocked and sitting at 40 something scripts for number two... I find myself a lot of nights literally just sitting around to collect my ore, haha :)

    Rubicon, I too have recently remembered the beauty of those tradecraft leve turn ins! I think I have leveled 3 crafters to 50 in the last month using those guys! It works great, my wife and i have purposely leveled different crafters so we didn't overlap, but now we both want all those 50 skills, so we take turns crafting HQ turn ins for each other's leve turn ins :) It seems to take about 50-60ish leves ins to go from 15-50 :)

    Thanks for the great podcast guys :)