Thursday, June 16, 2016

Episode 57 - Impressions of Revenge

Our spoiler free impressions of Patch 3.3, Gear Design Contest Tank Edition announced, FFXIV at E3, Fan Kit update, and shout outs. Yelta and Rubicon host.

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  1. ♫♫ AZ...YS...LLA♫♫ ;)

    Yelta, so sorry about the house, i actually did see your tweet on patch day around 3AM and my heart went out to you! I was attempting to get a house as well, but i was able to get one! Just sharing my experience, not rubbing it in :) My wife and I have been in a similar boat, we always wanted a house, but by the time we could afford one, they were all gone. And the reclamation last Christmas Day was an epic fail. So i made a vow not to miss it this time around. I was waking up checking server status every 30 minutes from 11-3am, just in case they pushed the patch early, which thankfully they didn't. So i sat at 3am refreshing the log in until it finally let me in. I got a lobby error twice before i got the queue, which put my at about place 530 in the queue...It actually went very fast for me, i was logged into the game by 3:04 of coarse waiting outside the ferry skipper outside the lavender beds. We had picked out the ideal plot that we wanted, the medium right by the huge waterfall with the catwalk thing that goes around it. I also had a list written down in order of every single plot that i was going to go for in case that one was gone, i could just go down my list trying to get any house we could. So when i got in at 3:04, i loaded into the only ward that still had our plot available, ported to the closest aetheryte and booked it on my chocobo to the plot. I got there and it was still available! I immediately bought it. Literally 3 seconds later someone rides up behind me on their chocobo dismounting trying to click on the purchase sign! I had made it by literal seconds! My wife was watching over my shoulder, we both very quietly whisper celebrated so as not to wake our 2 month old sleeping in a bassinet a few feet away :) Haha :) And yes, i checked back at about 3:20 at the ferry skipper and all the plots in the lavender beds were sold at that point :(

    I like your guys idea about proportionate amount of houses for different servers. Excaliber obviously needs more and other low pop servers could use less...

    One more thought, im loving the new script changes! I think last night i capped my red crafter scripts for the week in about a half hour! (Granted i had all the materials thanks to our retainers, bless their hard working souls.)

    And one last thing, your absolutely right Rubicon... you would have to actively try to not actually make money right now, haha. I haven't had a chance to get in the Aquapolis, but i do get my dragonskin map each day that I'm able to, i sold one a couple days ago for 200k. And maybe I'm just lucky but everyday i go out to get one, i get the drop within 10 minutes :)

    Thanks for podcast :)
    Finter Fyre