Thursday, August 4, 2016

Episode 62 - Nate's FATEs

Yo-kai Watch event discussion, Free Login Campaign returns, new optional item, 14-Hour Anniversary Broadcast announced, Gear Design Contest Tank Edition finalists, FanFest 2016 contests announced, Moonfire Faire announced, GamerEscape's E3 interview with Yoshida part 2, and developer's tracker. Yelta and Rubicon host.

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  1. Rapid fire questions from Kumo!
    Haven't played since 2.55. I wanna know what I've been missing!

    -Do people still play Triple Triad?
    -What's new in the Golden Saucer?
    -How long does it take to get from 50-60
    -BRD and MNK used to be super powerful. Who's the OP job now?
    -How many flying mounts are there? I've seen some really cool stuff walking by.
    -What happened to Rubi's peppers at the FC house?
    -are you salty? :)
    -Do you think we'll see an eventual decline of specific roles? With some content like Deep Dungeon not requiring the typical meta, maybe future content could be similar?

    Also glad to be back! The wife and I are excited to level up new characters together. Thanks for the support and the FC buffs!