Thursday, September 22, 2016

Episode 66 - Tightest Earthshaker

Patch 3.4 Side Story Quest and Housing previews, Patch 3.4 Trailer, LIVE Letter XXXII, a 4.0 rumor, developer's blog, and fan tweets. Yelta and Rubicon host.

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  1. Since I brought it up, I figure should back up my comment on the Native American/First Nations gear. The issue is not that the devs were being malicious in their design, and we should all be bringing pitchforks and torches to fan fest. The issue is that this was lazy design incorporating traditional outfits of a culture that has repeatedly stated that they do not want their culture as a costume for the purpose of entertainment.

    There is no context for these outfits in the game, the way it was presented in the trailer was that it is was glamour fodder. This does not pay respect or raise awareness for these cultures, it just says these outfit look cool, and we like pretty things in our game. The meaning is stripped away, because all we want is the aesthetic.

    It is true that they have used other cultures in the game, but there has been effort to create context within the game and change things to create something unique. The Ishgard look has been heavily influence by Roman Catholicism, however when I look at the priest, while I can recognize the influence, I know that it is its own thing. If the Conjurer relic was a Crucifix complete with the body of christ, we would have a problem.