Sunday, June 2, 2019

Episode 166 - Blast Your Misery

The Callback Campaign ends June 3, new Optional Items available, The Feast Season Thirteen results, The Feast PvP Team Season begins, The Make It Rain Campaign begins June 6, The Shadowbringers Media Tour discussion, reminders about the Moogle Treasure Trove event and Score for a Cause, Developer’s Blog, fan mail, and fan tweets. Yelta and Rubicon host.

All Media Tour Coverage links in one Spreadsheet (Reddit)

/r/ffxiv's hands-on preview of Shadowbringers (Reddit)

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Media Tour Overview (Gamer Escape)


  1. I still need to do plenty of mount farming. But im always leveling my alt jobs so it gets hard to roll back to old content and dedicate time to mounts instead of xp

  2. Was gone for quite a while. Since one of your giveaways. I am really happy that my favorite ffxiv podcast is still around now that I'm back again. Hopefully to stay this time. Feels like its been such a grind getting through the story for the end of stormblood. Love your show everyone.

  3. So I was just able to listen in recently! Thanks so much for touching on my comment you guys! And I just realize now I did leave out a lot of info, sorry about that. As for where I'm at, I'm about finished with post Realm Reborn content (which I love the post content story but ugh gimme HeavenSword already) I finally got my BLM and SMN to 53 and 54. I also just recently started doing Palace of the Dead and can I just say I LOVE that place?! I'll be looking forward to your guys next episode! Pouring a hard drink for you two! ~floats away to long island~

  4. ^PS I forgot to mention its me Jarrod / Aeon your 1#! Keep up the good work, much love!

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