Monday, August 12, 2019

Episode 174 - Lalafell Hate Crime

The Moonfire Faire has returned, free Fantasia with a 60-day time code offer, Shadowbringers official soundtrack announced, LIVE Letter 53, and Developer's Blog. Yelta and Rubicon host.

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  1. Lali-Ho, Rubi and Yelta! Loved the episode as usual <3 I wanted to point out something interesting that I have been thinking about that you brought up in the episode. During the Warriors of Darkness patch in Heavensward, it did feel like it was quick and almost inconsequential. At the time it seemed like it was a way to wrap up the mystery to what happened to Minfilia after A Realm Reborn, but if you pay attention to how Square Enix has been handling these expansions, it's almost obvious that its a set up a following expansion, but always the expansion after the next one. In screenwriting, there is the rule of "planting and pay off" and we have seen Square Enix use this method to great success. In A Realm Reborn we were given Yugiri as set up for Stormblood, in Heavensward we were given the warriors of darkness as the set up for Shadowbringers. So if we think back to Stormblood and for future characters in Shadowbringers, I think it will be fun to theorize where we go next.

    Just something I thought would be fun to think about seeing how cyclical Square Enix is and it seems to affect their writing as well. Love your show, please keep it up!