Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Episode 34 - Tiny Maury

In-depth discussion on disgusting behavior in-game, Heavensward EP Vol 3, Dissidia Arcade, developer's tracker, and fan mail. Yelta, Kariri, and Rubicon host.

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  1. So many issues and thoughts you touched on this week.

    First off the guy that made that statement about healer dps. To that guy, I just feel sad that his attitude is like that, life must suck for him. Proof that the anonymity of the internet has people doing things they likely normally wouldn’t. I think he may find things won’t go so well for him going forward after the publicity the issue is getting. I do think that this kind of nonsense from a player should be reportable. In a sense it is a form of harassment.
    You also brought up having a good relationship with your tank/healer. I have had the same person tanking/running with me for several years now. When they came over with me when I started playing 14, it was a huge relief having a tank I was familiar with and knew how far things could be pushed and where I could lean on a little. That synergy and knowing how the other person is going to react to something I think makes both roles easier. Whenever possible I think people need to develop this for any static. The longer you work together the easier things get.