Thursday, December 3, 2015

Episode 35 - The Football

Discussion of Yoshi-P's changes to the Diadem, two new Yoshida interviews, issues with the Duty Finder, Haurchefant's localization, developer's blog and tracker, and fan mail. Yelta, Kariri, and Rubicon host.


  1. The only issue I have with /gpose is that it still forces you to be in the center of the group shot to be able to get a nicely centered one. You can't always be in the center! I wish you could adjust the camera while in it. - Katella

    1. Hmm the idea of being able to freely move the camera around would be very nice.

      Did you play Animal Crossing HHD? There was a camera item you could set up and that was the location the picture was taken from. That would be cool here.

  2. If the fanbase is Charlie Brown and SqEnix is Lucy VanPelt, who is the little red headed girl?