Sunday, August 27, 2017

Episode 97 - Touching Bartz

LINE gets FFXIV stamps in Japan, Domino's Australia FFXIV promotion, Four Year Anniversary 14-hour broadcast announced, Tales from the Storm updated, FFXIV at gamescom LIVE, The Rising returns, and reminders. Yelta and Rubicon host.

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  1. Shooting the shit mainly cause you called us all out on not doing it. I enjoy your content and it always helps get me through the work day when I can't play XIV. Before the end of HS I was just getting into raiding. Never cleared A12s but found it an interesting "learn to play your best" style of play. As of these last 2 months (July - August) the FC and a few raiding link shells I'm a part of have stopped, moved on or stopped logging in. I've tried a few pugs and also just duty findering for savages but find myself ether not fitting in or "not being serious enough" as I work and have limited time to play so it can be hard to keep a schedule of play. I tried doing later times like after work but I find myself falling asleep at the controller which is not cool and I hate letting people down like that.
    I'm thinking of starting up a new link shell and/or FC or maybe from your constant "COME PLAY THE GAME!!" maybe I'll try to catch up with you and join your glorious Bosom's. You always make your group sound fun, understanding and a good bunch of people to shoot shit with, play some XIV and buckle down and progress in Savage. That aside haha, I'm leveling my Whm, Pld and Sam to meet my Rdm so I can gear and get to it (savage raiding), and am having fun with that albeit mostly solo beside pugging dungeons.

    Love you Both, miss Kariri, hope you all are completing all the things and hope to see you out there. Thanks for all the content and entertainment.