Saturday, September 2, 2017

Episode 98 - Say My Name, Yoshida

Mega Mog Station sale, PAX West FFXIV Lore Panel update, Tales from the Storm updated, The Rising, Patch 4.06a notes and discussion, LIVE Letter XXXVIII update, Four-Year Anniversary Broadcast update, Yoshida's recent interviews about Patch 4.1 discussion, reminders, Developer's Blog and Tracker, and fan tweets. Yelta and Rubicon host.


  1. Yaayyyy!! I enjoyed listening to this post! It was interesting to listen to you too. Not just entertaining but also a bit of informing too. Thanks much.

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  3. What's up Rubi & Yelta! I am slowly making my way through your back catalogue, replaying NG+ and playing along with you (sort of). I wanted to thank you for your amazing show, and for being kindred spirits and FF fans. Thank you for all of the information you provide and experience you share with us on the show. I own each FF game and most gaiden, but this was my first serious MMO and listening to GTFFXIV really helped me become a great player (I feel like a great player anyway, no matter the job, thanks to all of your tips)!

    Keep up the freakin' fantastic work; I will be sure to drop by and shoot the shit more often.

    Sincerely, your Mi'qo Fan Girl, Lady Kikyo (Exodus)